In rural New Mexico, Beth is a wild teenager taking a break from a make out session with the local bad boy near a ruined old mission that features a statue of the Virgin. A mysterious man limps toward her and gives her a crystal. With the words, "She will come for it," he glows red and dies. Assuming that the crystal is a holy object, Beth changes her ways and tries to lead a virtuous life.

When David Vincent arrives and offers to buy the crystal--which he knows to be the key component of an alien laser weapon--she refuses to sell it. But her father, Harry, would like to sell. Vincent foils one attempt by the aliens to steal it and then offers Harry $1000. With his daughter standing within earshot, Harry turns down the money.

As Beth is praying to the Virgin at the old mission, a nun approaches and asks for the crystal, but when Beth asks Harry for it, he refuses to give it up. Later that night, Harry's saloon is robbed and the crystal is missing. Beth reverts to her old ways and tries to seduce Vincent, assuming he took the crystal, but the aliens have also searched Vincent's room assuming that he has it.

Meanwhile, Johnny, an orphan who hangs around Harry's saloon doing odd jobs, has followed the nun to an abandoned barn. He finds Beth and leads her to the barn where the aliens have established a temporary regeneration center. The two children witness the nun using a regeneration tube and realize this is evidence of something other than a religious miracle. They return with Vincent, but the aliens have abandoned the barn.

Harry invites Vincent to the saloon late at night where Harry reveals that he faked the robbery and had the crystal all along. During the sale, two aliens interrupt and exchange gunfire with Vincent who shoots both aliens. When the aliens burn up, they set the saloon on fire. Vincent tries to get Harry out of the saloon, but Harry runs back to get the $1000 Vincent had given him. The saloon explodes, killing him.

Vincent, who finally has the crystal, lies that there was more money that he intended to pay Harry, and he now gives it to Beth and Johnny who happen to need it to go live with Beth's uncle in Colorado.

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