David Vincent meets with Warren Doneghan, the president of Jet Age Electronics, who believes aliens have kidnapped various heads of their fields, and are planning to kidnap him as well. Tom Wiley, Doneghan's best friend, and the head of security at Jet Age, is highly skeptical. Vincent and Doneghan hatch a scheme to allow the aliens to kidnap the latter in order to learn the truth about what these unwelcome beings are doing. Meanwhile, Wiley is in love with Doneghan's wife, which complicates matters in a dangerous way.

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Season 1
Beachhead I The Experiment I The Mutation I The Leeches I Genesis I Vikor I Nightmare I Doomsday Minus One I Quantity: Unknown I The Innocent I The Ivy Curtain I The Betrayed I Storm I Panic I Moonshot I Wall of Crystal I The Condemned