David Vincent, lost while trying to find a shortcut, ends up trying to get some sleep in his car while parked outside a closed diner. A whining sound and flashing lights awake him, and upon opening his eyes he sights a flying saucer landing.

The next morning he goes to the Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Office to report what he has seen. After hearing his story they consider him to be a crackpot. They send for Vincent's business partner, Alan Landers, to vouch for David, and when Alan arrives he is surprised to hear what has happened.

Vincent refuses to leave until the police go take a look at Bud's Diner. When they do the closed business has a different name, and no evidence remains for a landing. The police refuse to believe him, and when they find nearby a strange couple, who say they are honeymooning, they question the campers, who claim to have seen nothing all night, including David's car.

As the police question Mr. and Mrs. Brandon, David notices that the little finger on both hands of the man and woman stick out at an odd angle, and do not bend. The Brandons make David look like an idiot, and the police leave.

That night David returns to question the couple, who want nothing to do with him. Brandon becomes belligerent, and starts to threaten Vincent. A fight ensues and Brandon, who acts I'll and as if he is in a hurry, is about to kill Vincent when he begins to glow Redd, and runs to his wife who is waiting in their truck. They escape, and Vincent awakens to find himself in a hospital. He was found unconscious, and as he tries to sort out what happened, he notices his name tag says Arthur Gordon.

Fearing that a nurse trying to give him an sedative is an alien, he becomes agitated and attempts to leave. Overpowered, he is nearly given an injection, but Alan Landers arrives with Sheriff Holman to intervene. Passing out again, he later discovers he is in a mental institution, and Alan arrives to explain he gave a different name for David to avoid bad publicity. He also claims David was injured when his car went off the road, or so Holman believes.

Alan tells David to take two weeks off work, but Vincent's obsession with the subject of aliens and flying saucers causes Alan to believe his friend really does need help. Nevertheless, he gets David released, and helps him track down the 'honeymooners'. They are living in Bakersfield, so David decides to investigate further, after nearly being killed when he wakes up and finds his apartment on fire.

As he escapes, he sees an old woman with a straightened little finger, who had been a patient at the hospital. She disappears after the fire, so Vincent continues his search by driving to a deserted town, where he finds an apparent ally in hotel keeper Kathy Adams. He soon locates the evidence he needs to prove the alien invaders exist, and calls Alan for help, not knowing that the old woman is waiting for them, and is planning the demise of both men.

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